Le Figaro

“This time Jean Lenoir has come up with Le Nez du Café®, yet another revelation. A learner’s kit for tasting that will guide you on the road to discovery.”

Le Journal du Café

“Coffee lovers, specialists, teachers, roasters, buyers and professionals in the hotel and restaurant business will all be interested in this game that is also a highly useful educational tool for mastering the aromatic complexity of the great coffees of the world. This is music to your nose: 36 new aromas launched in France in spring 1998 that are now the role model for understanding and tasting coffee. A new language is born.”

Le Limonadier Restaurateur-Hôtelier

Le Nez du Café®, 36 basic aromas found in coffee brought together in a beautiful kit, presented in a lively way with an identification game that everyone will enjoy.”

Bio Santé

Le Nez du Café®, 90% of the pleasure perceived by our taste buds comes from the sense of smell. Training the nose and memorizing aromas means knowing how to taste. That is the purpose of this collection of aromas.”

La Revue du Vin de France

“Coffee now has its own “Nez”, a set of aromas to get our nose and our memory working.”

Paris Match

“Provides the major points of reference.”


Le Nez du Café® is a must for any budding coffee expert. This is a genuine introduction to appreciating the aromas and taste of coffee. A unique way to train your scent memory.”

Objectif Méditerranée

“A scent alphabet, an inventive, scientific work hailed and recognized as such by the greatest experts on the subjects”.

Le Monde

Le Nez du Café®, an ideal introduction to how to become a coffee sophisticate.”

Le Chef

Le Nez du Café®, an educational game for training our scent memory that will wow all coffee lovers. A scientific study that is bound to have worldwide repercussions.”

La revue des hôtels, restaurants, collectivités

“Jean Lenoir did it for wine: now he’s doing it for coffee. This expert in the education of the nose is offering professionals the A to Z of coffee (36 words for understanding coffee), an open sesame to understanding the language of this splendid product and educating the taste buds.”

La Lettre du Bottin Gourmand

“Join in a game that leads to the mastery of coffee tasting. A simple, intelligent and fun way to learn.”

Marie France

“A very attractive kit to be used as an introduction or as a game”.

Plantations, recherche, développement

Le Nez du Café® is a collection of aromas that will interest all kinds of tasters: coffee enthusiasts, teachers, specialists, and professionals in the restaurant business, buyers and coffee merchants”.

Le Quotidien du Médecin

Le Nez du Café®, a kit to aid your sense of smell and an open invitation to the world of aromas. Have you ever realized just how many aromas come wafting out of your morning coffee?”

Elle à Table

“We tend to drink coffee like Molière’s Monsieur Jourdain wrote prose, without thinking. Jean Lenoir has put together this elegant presentation box so we can sharpen our senses and familiarize ourselves with the basic aromas in coffee, which range from the smell of garden peas to that of roasted peanuts. This first approach to coffee aromas comes complete with an explanatory brochure - a great gift for everyone.”


“An A to Z aromas, a tool, a collection with which to practice. A basic piece of equipment for all professionals.”


Le Nez du Café® is a must for any budding coffee expert. This is a genuine introduction to appreciating the aromas and taste of coffee. A unique way to train your scent memory.”

Terre Sauvage

“The Colombian coffee producers can shout “Viva Lenoir” because they were the first to realize how this French “Nose” could enhance their national treasure.”


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