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Le Nez du Whisky® is not dictatorial. It drops hints and in blind nosings of the bottles you will start to identify certain personal regularities, which can in time inform one’s understanding of the aromatic complexities of whiskies. (…) With his feet on the ground and hopefully with his head in the clouds Monsieur Lenoir seems to have created another aromatic thoroughfare.”
Martin Mitchell, Whisky Magazine (UK), December 2013

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Whisky Advocate

"Develop your olfactory skills and you'll greatly enrich your appreciation and understanding of whisky. But a whisky's nose doesn't just tell you whether it's likely from Islay or Speyside, it can also convey how the whisky was matured, its ingredient profile, and even how it behaved during production. (...)
While some aromas found in Le Nez du Whisky® may sound offensive (i.e. tar, rubber, medicinal), it's important to note that they can add a chorus of complexity to your dram. "The character of a malt whisky comes from its impurities", says MacLean. "If you take them out, you're left with vodka!"

Sarah Doyle, Whisky Advocate, Fall 2014

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Whisky Mag

"How frustrating to lose oneself in the dense forest of aromas when one approaches the joys of wine-tasting as an amateur! [...] Jean Lenoir Editions present a marvelous, a-propos set of tools to teach us to identify and memorize the scents in the most accessible of whiskies: bourbon. [...] Le Nez du Bourbon® completes a rich collection launched some forty years ago with Le Nez du Vin® and continued with, among others, Le Nez de l’Armagnac®, Le Nez du Café® and Le Nez du Whisky® — jointly a huge contribution to appreciating our favorite drinks. All rely on the same principle: a kit of sealed flasks concentrating the most emblematic aromas of the liquor being explored, plus an explanatory booklet."
Christine Lambert, Whisky Mag, 21 octobre 2021

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