The Wall Street Journal

“Much of what we taste in the glass- about 70%- is based on its bouquet. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses. But our nose needs to be trained. And as anyone who has sufficiently developed their sense of smell and learned the basics of a wine-tasting vocabulary will tell you, once mastered, wine will never taste the same again. (…) Personally, I like to use Le Nez du Vin® to keep sharp. My advice would be to try to master the scent of a few unusual but prevalent smells. The, the next time a sommelier hands you a glass to taste, or you find yourself in the cellars of a well-known winery, you’ll be able to sniff like an expert.”

Will Lyons, The Wall Street Journal, October 2013

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The Australian Financial Review

“One way all the family to get involved in vital sensory enhancements is to invest in a set of Le Nez du Vin® wine tastings sets. Importantly, unlike the more purple prose of some winemakers and wine writers, there is actually nothing to dispute or disagree with about the contents of the vials.”

Tim White, The Australian Financial Review, December 2011

Decanter Magazine

Le Nez du Vin® will help fine tune any wine lover's nose.”

BBC Good Food Magazine

Le Nez du Vin® is the Perfect Present for Wine Lovers”.

Wine Magazine International

“Been meaning to hone your wine tasting skills? Then look no further than this fun educational kit.”

Observer Review

“For people concerned with wine, this encyclopedia of smells is terribly useful, as it helps one to learn and remember the scents in isolation and, as they occur in wine, in combination. Naturally, it is also a pretty, nifty, executive toy and party game. (…) It is part of our strange puritanical attitude to all our senses, especially connected with food and drink, that an Englishman finds it easier to distinguish smelly socks than sweet-briar.”

The Wine Spectator

“...Whether for business or pleasure, as a wine education aid or a challenging game among friends, professional wine sensory kit for wine makers or merchants, now becoming popular with sophisticated wine consumers.”

The New York Times

“Kit that helps develop a nose for wine: Le Nez du Vin® may be considered a graduate program...”

Wine Magazine

“Learning to distinguish the different scents of wines is one of the best ways of making progress in wine tasting, but finding the vocabulary to describe a particular aroma can leave us at a loss for words.”

Beverage Media

“Our eyes are taught to recognize colors and ears to hear music but our nose has never been educated. Le Nez du Vin®, an educational kit for uneducated noses. Even a novice can be taught...”

Antony Dias Blue

“The nose is the most sensitive organ. It can distinguish between thousands of scents, whereas the taste buds are very limited in sophistication. The sensory memory is also able to catalog and recall thousands of smells. There is a fascinating product that can go a long way towards making the categorization of aromas easier and more orderly. This remarkable item is called Le Nez du Vin® by Jean Lenoir and is one of the most unusual book ever published. I highly recommend this book to anyone who truly loves wine.”

Antony Dias Blue, Wine & Spirits Editor of Bon Appétit

The New York Times

“… recognizing the aromas is more difficult than it sounds, it’s like meeting an old friend on the street and not being able to remember his name. (…)  Le Nez du Vin® is a great icebreaker, the minute you open the lid, everyone wants to get into the act…”

The New York Times, June 30, 1982

Wine & Spirit Gazette Harpers

“Aimed at anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of, and pleasure in wine, ranging from the somewhat bewildered novice, to the professionals or expert.”

Beverage Media

Le Nez du Vin®, introduced in Paris in 1981; was immediately hailed as a significant and innovative tool in wine education.”

Beverage Media, May 1983

Greenwich Time

“The aromas and bouquets of wines can be confusing maze to new-comers. But for the would-be expert, Le Nez du Vin® can lead the novice nose to the sweet smell of success.”

Greenwich Time, November 30, 1983

Le Point

"This time, the Lenoir team has turned its attentions to the oak barrel. [...]
"The Lenoir kit is a sort of reference or repertory of aromas contributed by the cask. Each flask — there are twelve — comes with a card explaining the origin of the aromas that we can perceive in a wine matured in a cask .[...]
"Léa Desportes has penned a remarkable accompanying booklet that explains everything about the history, the manufacturing and the role of the oak barrel.
Jacques Dupont, Le Point, 13 février 2021

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