Are the aromas natural?

Yes: our aromas are, insofar as possible, of natural origin.
Le Nez du Vin, Le Nez du Café and Le Nez du Whisky aromas are made from both natural and synthetic ingredients (about 50/50).
Why do we use synthetic (man-made, artificial) ingredients?
1) It makes good economic and environmental sense 
The natural product extract cannot be found on the market, and is too expensive to make.
For example, saffron: there is no point, it would be extremely expensive to get saffron extract, as 1 kilogram of saffron extract would cost hundreds of thousands of euros!
2) For the aroma quality to be consistent
Fruit extraction techniques tend to degrade the product and bring out notes that are not always pleasant. For example, the banana natural extract can smell bad and the natural strawberry and apricot aromas are not stable. 
Did you know?
Modern perfumery uses synthetic raw materials. The first perfume ever made from these new products was the famous Chanel No. 5, created in 1925, formulated with an aldehyde. Synthetic raw materials developed thanks to petroleum chemistry possess olfactory qualities that are quite comparable to those of natural raw materials.

How long will the aromas keep?

Our aromas are guaranteed 5 years.
They can last 10 years if kept in good conditions:
Keep the vials upright in the box. Keep them away from sources of light and heat (radiators, sunlight).

Do the aromas contain alcohol?

We try insofar as possible to use other solvents (only 1 out of 5 aromas in the Masterkit contains alcohol).
However, certain natural products are soluble only in alcohol. It is for instance the case of cut hay absolute (pure essence).

Is everything included in Le Nez du Vin The Masterkit?

No: Duo 24 aromas and the White Wines and Red Wines 12 aromas are included in The Masterkit 54 aromas, while Faults and New Oak deal with important subjects in depth and propose different aromas.  

Is it possible to buy the aromas or the books separately?

Editions Jean Lenoir publishes specialized works on the olfactory traditions of wine, coffee and whisky. We do not make “products” but “book-objects” that appeal to multiple sensory perceptions: not only sight and touch, but also smell.

For this reason, the vials are inseparable from their companion books and vice-versa. The writings help connect the collection's aromas to the wine, coffee or whisky that you taste.

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