Are you looking for an original business gift for your clients, partners or employees? Would you like to offer them an exploration of the rich aromatic world of wine or coffee? Win their hearts and their palates?
Cause a Sensation: Give a Nez by Éditions Jean Lenoir!

Éditions Jean Lenoir book-objects are fun, clever, original, high-end gifts, designed by graphic artists, sewn by hand and made in France. They are aroma identification and memorization kits. Whether they are used for professional purposes or as party games, they make it easy for everyone, neophytes, connoisseurs and professionals, to train their sense of smell and learn about aromas.

Cases can easily be customized with your logo and brand or company name.

It may be printed on:

  • the cover of the case of all Le Nez du Vin® except for the Masterkit 54 aromas

  • and on the edge of the box for Le Nez du Vin® 12 et 24 aromas

  • Le Nez du Café® Temptation 6 aromas box

  • Le Nez du Café® Revelation 36 aromas book

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