Olivier Thiénot, founder of the Ecole du Vin

"The Ecole du Vin de France offers classes to wine lovers and professionals who wish to decipher the quality, identity and character of wine.
While concepts such as taste, sweetness, acidity or potency are easy to explain, the aromas of wine require a more discriminating approach.
Thanks to all the different aromas provided by Le Nez du Vin®, we have been able to devise entertaining workshops for discovering the various olfactory nuances of wine.
The approach by aroma families —fruity, floral, spicy, etc.— and their relevance to various wines of France and the world are highly useful in helping our customers make progress in wine tasting."

Olivier Thiénot, founder of the Ecole du Vin

Joachim Günther, Director of the Académie du vin

"Our school is a training center certified by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET): every year, more than 800 students successfully obtain level 2 or 3 diplomas.
Before each class, we offer our students a playful aroma tour to make learning fun.
Le Nez du Vin® is a fantastic working tool to train our sense of smell and our olfactory memory. Recognizing and naming scents become a game; identifying aromas when tasting wine makes our students very proud."
 Joachim Günther, Director of the Académie du vin

Philippe Rispal, Head of Food Service and Tableware at the Institut Paul Bocuse

"At the Institut Paul Bocuse, Le Nez du Vin® is an indispensable complement to our wine-tasting training.
The aromatic notes selected by Le Nez du Vin®, which illustrate perfectly the nuances in addition to basic classifications, contribute to enriching and perfecting the olfactory frame of reference of students. In a fun way, this tool teaches students to attach words to their perceptions and better interpret their sensations. This knowledge allows them to transpose and share their perceptions with customers when tasting wine in a professional setting."
Philippe Rispal, Head of Food Service and Tableware at the Institut Paul Bocuse

Julien Chiron, Head Sommelier of the restaurant Les Flots

"I use Le Nez du Vin® for teaching purposes. Depending on the three wines to be tasted in class, I select six vials for participants to recognize the aromas found in the wines.
I choose different aroma groups if possible, to show that primary, secondary and tertiary aromas arise from the aging of the wine, the unique characteristics of the grape variety, the land (terroir), wine-growing and the wine-making techniques.
My goal is to make participants understand the complexity of wine, and define with them the type of wine and aging they prefer, to help them best manage the aging of their wine cellar and refine their personal taste."
Julien Chiron, Head Sommelier of the restaurant Les Flots, teacher at the cooking and wine-waiting school La Classe des Gourmets

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